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Company History

Employees are the engine of any business.

Business meeting

Employees with the right skills and effective organizational processes make your organization run smoothly.  From the executive suite to the front line, we develop employees and systems so you can develop your business.

For almost 15 years Landrum & Associates has successfully partnered with clients to meet their organizational and employee development goals.  Long term relationships and recurring client contracts is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of Landrum & Associates’ products and services.

Goals that we have achieved include: developed and implemented a marketing strategy which resulted in a 75 % increase in corporate sponsorships, a 15% increase in new subscribers and increased product sales for a business television network; employee retention above the industry average and savings of $100K in annual expenses as a result of recommendation from an organization review and evaluation project.

Our principal and associates each bring over 10 years of consulting experience from a variety of industries.  We’ve also spent over 10 years in similar roles within organizations.  We’re certified to facilitate a variety of vendor programs and assessments. And we actively engage in professional development activities each year to bring clients current theory and practices.

Sample Projects
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